Gardy Lawrence’s career in education began 33 years ago after a four year stint in law enforcement with the Hanover Borough Police Department and the Virginia State Police, respectively. His football coaching career now spans 39 years and he is about to embark on his 40th.

Gardy has worked as a classroom teacher for 24 years and a high school assistant principal for 9 years. He will be retiring from the latter position at New Oxford High School on August 31, 2011. He will continue coaching the tailbacks for the Gettysburg College Bullets football team. Prior to his current tenure at Gettysburg College, Gardy began coaching in 1970 and has coached 39 of the last 41 years. The exceptions being the 1974 season while he was in the Virginia State Police Training School, and the 1976 season, as he returned to Shepherd College and played out his collegiate eligibility.

Having taught economics for 20 years, Gardy entered into his first business venture as an Independent Distributor with Market America in 2000. A year after starting his Unfranchise business he began to sponsor Tim Dietz in the 600cc Micro Sprint class. Gardy’s attendance at the races at Trail-way Speedway led to his venture into the racing novelty and collectibles business as a vendor at Trail-way Speedway. Gardy Enterprises today is the primary sponsor for Tim Dietz and a secondary sponsor for Shawn Seifert, both in the highly competitive 600cc Micro Sprint class.

In the late fall and early winter of 2006, Gardy got a call to reunite with his late 1960’s band mates, The Brutes. The band has been playing their “vintage” 1960’s rock now for almost four years at numerous area benefits. Brutes guitarist, Al Stonesifer, initiated another “classic” rock project, The Boomers, for which Gardy also provides lead vocals.

As you visit his site, should you discover any way that Gardy might provide assistance to you, please feel free to contact him to further discuss the possibility of meeting your needs.